Fundación General Universidad de Alcalá

Classical Musics

Music- opera

Direction: Lourdes Pérez-Sierra


Patio de Santo Tomás de Villanueva (Univesidad Cisneriana)

29 de junio

 22:00 h. 


artistic team

Pianist: Rosalía López Sánchez

Singers: Lorena Aranda, Pilar Tejero, Lucía Millán, Laura Fernández Alcalde, Lidija Jovanovic, Quintín Bueno, Gamaliel Reynoso, Jesús Piñeiro



The University of Alcalá, through its General Foundation, decided to set in motion the academic project Operastudio in 2010. Its main objective is to achieve the highest specialization of opera singers with the help of leading international figures.


All of this has led to a renewed offer, which has covered the educational necessities of young singers that expect to make of this their living and the demand of continuous training of those who are already professionals.


In these eight years, world class Masters have participated in the programs. These include the soprano Mariella Devia, the mezzo Teresa Berganza, the conductors Eduardo López Banco (director of the group Al Ayre Español, National Prize) and Alberto Zedda (the most important scholar of Rossini’s work), pianists Edelmiro Arnaltes and Juan Antonio Álvarez Pareho (of the same promotion of Alfredo Kraus and Teresa Berganza respectively), the stage director Ignacio García (National Prize), the prestigious singer teacher Ana Luisa Chova, the counter tenors Carlos Mena and Xavier Sabata, tenor Aquiles Machado and managers Miguel Lerín and Alfonso Leoz among others.


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