Asociación Cultural Banda Sinfónica Complutense y Cía. Maru-Jasp

Classical Musics

Music- opera

Stage Director: Juanma Casero Ortiz

Artistic Director: Francisco José Tasa

Patio de Santo Tomás de Villanueva (Univesidad Cisneriana)

30 de junio

22:00 h. 


Lourdes Hernández, Trinidad Caballero, Marta Garzón, Laura de Diego, Gregorio Calvo, David F. Tabla, Sonia Rubio, Ángeles Sánchez, Tamara Escolar, Pilar de Heras

artistic team

Music group: Banda Sinfónica Complutense

Artistic Director: Francisco José Tasa

Theatre Company: Maru-Jasp

Script: Juanma Casero Ortiz

Stage director: Juanma Casero Ortiz

Lighting: Inmaculada Calvo

Director assistant: Inmaculada Calvo


The Complutense Symphonic Band and the theatre Company Maru-Jasp present an interdisciplinary show that brings together music and theatre with the purpose of divulging the cultural richness of the city of Alcalá, which celebrates this year the 20th anniversary of the declaration of World Heritage site, in the times when it founded its University.


The Complutense Symphonic Band will perform Christian, Arab and Jewish music as homage to the coexistence and the legacy of these three cultures in the city, without forgetting the music that came from “the New World”. All of this will be followed by the watchful eye of Cisneros Cardinal, the Catholic Monarch and the University’s Kappelmeister, which will tell in such episodes the events of the period and the interest of this music.



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