Julieta Soria
Cía. Emilia Yagüe Producciones

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes


Directed by: Yayo Cáceres

Teatro Salón Cervantes

14 y 15 de junio

Encuentro con el público día 14 después de la función

21:00 h.


Gloria Muñoz, Julián Ortega


artistic team

Musician: Manuel Lavandera

Singer: Silvina Tabbusch

Assistant Dramaturg: Álvaro Tato

Lighting: Miguel Angel Camacho

Set Design: Carolina González

Assistant Director : Diego Klein

Graphic Designer: David Ruiz

Executive Production: Antonio Rincon

Production and distribution: Emilia Yagüe Producciones


The play commences with two quirky characters: Tirso de Molina, a 19-year-old young man in the beginning of his threatical career and an elderly woman, Francisca Pizarro Yupanqui. Francisca Pizarro Yupanqui is known to be the first mestiza from Perú, daughter of Francisco Pizarro with the Incan Princess Quispe Sisa whom lives as Spanish lady living in the late 16th Century’s Madrid.


With the intention of writing the future “Pizarro Trilogy”, Tirso tries to convice Doña Francisa, who has been living in isolation in her garden, to evoke those memories of the past and share with him her knowledge. The interesting dialogue between Dona Francisca and Tirso sheds lights on two very distinct visions about the world (ie man and woman, young and elderly, Spanish and mestiza). This experience however is particularly interesting and unexpected for Doña Francisca as it touches a more personal level in her life. She is able to travel back to the past reliving Spanish history but most importantly seeing her husband Hernando Pizarro, her father, mother and brothers.


Who is Francisca Pizarro? Is she a Spaniard? Is she an Incan? What was her life and fortune built on? Is living something else than remembering? Is it possible for a white flower to be born in black soil?

Audience Meeting: June, 14th after performance


Festival de Artes Escénicas de la Comunidad de Madrid en Alcalá de Henares
Clásicos en Alcalá 2018