By William Shakespeare
Cía. Teatro Clásico de Sevilla

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes


Directed by:  Alfonso Zurro

Teatro Salón Cervantes

23 de junio

21:00 h.


Pablo Gómez-Pando, Juan Motilla, Amparo Marín, Manuel Monteagudo, Rebeca Torres, Antonio Campos, José Luis Verguizas, José Luis Bustillo, Manuel Rodríguez

Web: http://www.clasicodesevilla.com/

artistic team

Production: Juan Motilla y Noelia Diez

Stage and costume designer: Curt Allen Wilmer (AAPEE)

Lighting design: Florencio Ortiz (AAI)

Musical compsition: Jasio Velasco

Scenic fight: Juan Motilla

Assistant Director and staging: Pepa Delgado

Photography:  Luis Castilla

Makeup and hairstyle: Manolo Cortés

Technicians: Carmen Mori, Tito Tenorio, Enrique Galera

Distribution: SEDA S.L

Communication: Noelia Diez


Max Award for Best-Set Design in 2017 and Audience Award in 2017 Olmedo Festival.

Where is Hamlet? In what age and place does this shakesperian character live in? How do the words of the Prince of Denmark reach a world where everything is being recorded and everyone is being watched and nothing goes unnoticed? A place where privacy is no longer attainable.

Are we real or are we mirror images walking in an unstable and variable surface? What is meant to be solid is shaky, roots are impossible, and there is no substance to sustain them.

Above all, there is a need for power. A power that is manipulative, corrupt, vengeful, and may lead to murder. There is a dirty ambition that moves the characters to confrontation and destruction.Something smells rotten when someone is thrown to get power at all costs

To be or not to be. To exist or not to exist. Always the same refrain. And always the same doubt, the impossibility of taking decisions. The fear of falling into a void or in the tumult of eternity. If one does not act, others will do it…

The cosmos of humanity shown through a microcosm. The relationships, the awarenesses, the fears, aspirations… So small and condensed down to a walnut. A universe. As the characters of our Hamlet. Unable to escape from a space, a world where they continue “to be or not to be”

Watch a video/fragment of the play


Festival de Artes Escénicas de la Comunidad de Madrid en Alcalá de Henares
Clásicos en Alcalá 2018