Bartolomé de Torres Naharro
Nao D'Amores and Classical Theatre Company

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes


Directed by: Ana Zamora

Teatro Salón Cervantes

28 y 29 de junio

21:00 h. 


Silvia Acosta, María Besant, Javier Carramiñana, Juan Meseguer, Belén Nieto, Alejandro Saá, María Alejandra Saturno, Isabel Zamora


artistic team

Version and direction: Ana Zamora

Musical direction: Alicia Lázaro

Verse consultant: Fuentes de la Voz

Commedia dell'arte assistant: Fabio Mangolini

Costume designer: Deborah Macías (AAPEE)

Stage designer: Ricardo Vergne

Lightings: M. A. Camacho

Coreography Javier García Ávila

Designer: Iván San Martín

Woodwork: Santa Amalia

Distribution: Nao d´amores


“Wonders of beauty and wonders of perfection; living beauty” Javier Villán, El Mundo

Bartolomé de Torres Naharro, despite being one of the most fundamental authors in the history of Spanish theatre and the dramaturg whose works were widely spread thorughout 16th Century… nowadays is a huge unkown on the stage.

The celebration of the 500 Aniversary of the publication of the Propalladia, a compilation of his plays whose Promhemio constitutes the first theatrical required in romance language, its a big occasssion to recuperate this huge dramaturg who, conssidering the necessity to joint praxis and theory, initiated a new Renaissance-comedy.

Nao d’Amores and the National Classical Theatre Company take part in this important conmemoration, approaching in common this staging of Comedia Aquilana. A delicious comedy, that revolve around the loves of Aquilano Knight and Felicina the Princess, daughther of Bermudo the King; this play has been considered the firs romantic play of Spanish theatre.


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