By Baltasar Gracián
Cía. Teatro del Temple

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes


Directed by: Carlos Martín

Teatro Salón Cervantes

30 de junio y 1 de julio

21:00 h. 


José Luis Esteban, Alfonso Palomares, Charles Bad, Félix Martín, Minerva Arbués, Encarni Corrales, Francisco Fraguas, Gonzalo Alonso

Web: https://teatrodeltemple.com/

artistic team

Written by José Luis Esteban

Dramaturgy: José Luis Esteban, Alfonso Plou, Carlos Martín

Music: Gonzalo Alonso

Coreography: Elia Lozano

Set Design: Tomás Ruata

Lighting: Tatoño Perales

Costume design: Ana Sanagustín

Hairstyle: Virginia Maza

Technical Director: Alfonso Plou

Photography: Marcos Cebrián

Graphic Design: Línea Diseño

Production Team: Pilar Mayor y Alba Moliner

Production: María López Insausti


At the party of Ambassador Salastano two strange travelers appear by surprise:Andrenio and Critilo . The first has grown among beasts on an uninhabited island, the second took him out of there and leads him across Europe in search of two women: the eloped girlfriend of Critilo and the unknown mother of Andrenio.  Both will have to survive the ridicule, temptations and traps offered by this perfect European society gathered around the ambassador. Argos, Volusia , Egenio andVirtelia are the friends of Salastano and the different faces of a world so civilized that it does not know how to escape from itself.

It has a similar structure to the thriller or a treasure hunt that are being discovered gradually. El Criticón takes the audience by the hand, throughout action that happens in real time, and the Resident’s attempts to get Andrenio and Critilo never leave the Embassy again.

Why? Who are the Residents? What or to whom are Andrenio and Critilo in fact looking for? What terrible secret does the Embassy keep within its walls?

The conflict between the truth and what is supposed to be truth, between naivety and blame, the past and the future, ethic and realty… appear in this play El Criticón under its first layer full of thriller and irony, and sharpen the thesis in which the play is based: redemption is possible.

Watch a video/fragment of the play


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