Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Cía. Sleepwalk Collective

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes

Creative show

Idea and creation: Sleepwalk Collective


Teatro Salón Cervantes

5 y 6 de julio

21:00 h. 


Iara Solano, Rebeca Matellán

Mezzosoprano: Lucy Metcalfe

Bass: Stephen Metcalfe

Web: http://www.sleepwalkcollective.com

artistic team

Idea and creation: Sleepwalk Collective

Text, lights and music: Sammy Metcalfe



Kourtney Kardashian is the third part of a trilogy about actuality and “reality”, an accidental trilogy of performances that follows Kim Kardashian- a ballet creatd in Brasil in 2016- and Khloé Kardashian- the stage play created in the UK in 2017-. This trilogy represents the first Opera by Sleepwalk Collective.

A half-autobiography about Opera, the meaning of it and what it represents, its mecanisms, efects and at the same time it affords also the concept of “the epic” and its possible stagings in a variety of scales.

This piece continues with the scenic investigation the company has been doing since 2014 around several artistic expressions as dance, lyric or paint… Through the relation between classical forms and the “high art” with massive multimedia communication and the DIY(Do it Yourself), the collective tries to generate a dialogue between the classic and the contemporary, reality and artífice.

Sleepwalk Collective is an award- winning live-art and experimental theatregruip creating intimate performance experiences between the UK and Spain since 2006. They make works for theatres and other spaces, emerging from a fascination with pop culture junk, intoxication and the mysterires and complecities of our relationships with one other. Balancing delicately between joy and tragedy, our performances are playful and sensual, defined by a minimalist aesthetic and a seductive sense onf danger.


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