By Albert Camus
Teatre Romea Production

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes


Directed by: Mario Gas

Teatro Salón Cervantes

7 de julio 

21:00 h. 


Pablo Derqui, Borja Espinosa, Pep Ferrer, Mónica López, Pep Molina, Anabel Moreno, Ricardo Moya, Bernat Quintana, David Vert 


artistic team

Translator: Borja Sitjà

Dramaturgy and direction: Mario Gas

Cast: Pablo Derqui, Borja Espinosa, Pep Ferrer

Mónica López, Pep Molina, Anabel Moreno, Ricardo Moya, Bernat Quintana, David Vert

Stage designer: Paco Azorín

Lighting: Quico Gutiérrez

Costume designer: Antonio Belart

Sound: Orestes Gas

Direction assistant: Montse Tixé

Production assistant: Amparo Martínez

Production: Maite Pijuan

Executive production: Marina Vilardell

Technical Manager: Moi Cuenca

Technical coordinator: Carles Capdet

Staging mannager: Anna Gas


“Pablo Derqui performs a dazzling Caligula, the classic of Camus directed by Mario Gas” Marcos Ordóñez, El País

The existential absurd, hardship, and the logic of the power are some of the topics that appear in this production that stages one of the most important dramatic pieces of the French novelist and dramaturg born in Argelia.

Suetonio (a roman writer which is one of the Masters of the Biographical genre of the ancient world) left for the posterity a picture of the third Roman Emperor, Cayo Juluis Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who is known by Calígula. The writer Albert Camus, who was one of the most important French authors of the 20th century and who was also awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1957, created from the figure of Caligula a play. That is, in fact, an ensemble of plays integrated in one. The main character of this play has to come to terms with the death of his sister and lover, Drussilla, which causes him great sorrow and anger. Due to the anger he feels of losing his love, he submits his people to all kinds of terror and persecutions, so that they in turn will feel the same pain that he himself feels.

Watch a video/fragment of the play


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