By Gon Ramos, based on ancient Greek texts
[los números imaginarios] and BELLA BATALLA

Classics at Corral de Comedias

Creative show

Direction: Carlos Tuñón


Corral de Comedias

17 de junio

11:00 – 16:30 - 19:30 h. 


Jesús Barranco, Irene Doher, Pablo Gómez-Pando, Marta Matute, Alejandro Pau, Nacho Sánchez, Irene Serrano, Luis Sorolla with the participation of the artistic team.

artistic team

Production: Carlos Tuñón y Nacho Aldeguer

Audiovisual Production: Guillermo Alvite

Production Manager : Rosel Murillo

Lighting: Miguel Ruz Velasco

Live music: IMPULSIVA (Carlos Gorbe y Daniel Jumillas)

Chorus: Rennier Piñero

Comparsa: Selu Nieto

Coreography: Patricia Ruz

Photography: Luz Soria

Research: Amanda Hernández (Proyecto Dúas)

Dramaturgy: Gon Ramos

Distribution: PROVERSUS Isis Abellán



Ensamble “Children of Greece” is a twelve-hour event divided into three parts. Following the model of the ancient Dionysians and Baroque Festivals, the doors of the Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares will be open from morning until night to explore the tragic Greek world from the eyes, bodies, experiences and desires of Los Números Imaginarios Company.

On their second inmersive show (the first one was The last night of Don Juan, presented in 2017 Clásicos en Alcalá), they combine texts from the written and oral tradition of the classical repertory to the contemporary update, thinking about the experience of theatre as a ritual.

Without interpreting “tragic heroes” but doing “the children of…” this Ensamble guided by Carlos Tuñon and Gon Ramos poses some questions…

What do the words “tragedy” mean today, do they mean sacrifice” and “truth”? What are we supposed to do with the heritage? How to –reinterpret- the memory? Is our-tragedy valid? Has our life a common origin with the Greek narratives?


I celebrate myself, and sing myself,

And what I assume you shall assume,

For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

   Walt Whitman


Festival de Artes Escénicas de la Comunidad de Madrid en Alcalá de Henares
Clásicos en Alcalá 2018