By William Shakespeare
AlmaViva Teatro

Classics at Corral de Comedias


Directed by: César Barló

Corral de Comedias

22 y 23 de junio

20:00 h. 


Eva Varela Lasheras, José Gonçalo Pais, Javi Rodenas, Sayo Almeida, Marina Sánchez Vílchez, Adrián Viador, Samuel Blanco, Diego Ercolini, Ricardo Reguera


artistic team

Directed by: César Barló

Stage design: Rosa M. Sánchez

Costume Design: Karmen Abarca

Sound space: Rodrigo Manchado (songs), Lisi Búa (atmospheres)

Lighting: César Barló

Sound atmosphere: Lisi Búa y José G. País Rodrigo Manchado

Coreography: Mamen Agüera

Vocal assisstant: María Herrero

Video and photography: Bruno Rascão, Helena de Llanos

Graphic design: José Gonçalo Pais

Production: Peldepa S.L.L., Almaviva Teatro


“Luminous and cheerful, as it belongs to this text […] The Tempest is an interesting group work… “P.J.L Domínguez, Guía del Ocio.

The Tempest is presented as that last adventure where the bard, through a mythological fable, tells the encounter of the most basic human relationships, and sinks his quill in what each human heart can recognise as its own essence: injustice, love, ambition, humanity sense, power, need of freedom…

An unavoidable text in the creation of Shakespare, which it is located between reality and the dream, and levitates everything that refers to the behavior of the human being.

The proposal, generated by the collaboration of the companies La Puerta Estrecha and Almaviva Teatro, is based on the experience of the spectator in the inside of the island in which Próspero arrived 12 years ago, after being expelled from his duchy in Milan. Like the castaways of the storm with which the text of William Shakespeare begins, the public visits the different spaces in which the characters of the work are lost. A trip that the public receives as its own and that makes it go through all the conflicts that develop in the last text of the English genius.

 Premiered within the Creation Show SURGE Madrid 2016 at La Puerta Estrecha Theatre, The Tempest has been awarded with th Godoff Prize for best Work in 2016.

Watch a video/fragment of the play


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