By Wilhelm y Jacob Grimm
Teatro Los Claveles Company

Classics for everybody

All audiences

Directed by:  Aniceto Roca?

Corral de Comedias

24 de junio

19:00 h.


Paca García, Aniceto Roca

Web: http://www.teatrolosclaveles.com/

artistic team

Dramaturgy y manipulation: Paca García, Aniceto Roca

Lighting design: José García

Woodwork: José Martínez?

Stage design: J. Ramón Sánchez

Production: Los Claveles


The group Los Claveles from Spain, conquered the children’hearts, provoking the audience to be plenty of childish hullabaloo..” Cultura UAS, Culiacán-México.

Learn to overcome the fears through fantasy and imagination is the goal of Brothers Grimm’ last tale, a classic of children’s literature that still remains nowadays.

This theatrical narration of this tale discovers infinite possibilities and creates a world plenty of new experiences by using images, sounds, places, lights and colours that link the audience in a single (but effective) way with the children’s imagination.  

The company, dedicated since 1993 to puppet theatre, has been awarded with many prizes in puppets’ festivals around the world. The latest ones are Prize to the Best Play in the Festival Khrakov (Ukrania) and Prize to the Best Puppet Design in the Rainforest International Festival Borneo (Malasia).


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