By William Shakespeare
Los Colochos Company

Classics at Corral de Comedias


Original idea and direction: Juan Carrillo?


Corral de Comedias

30 de junio y 1 de julio

20:00 h. 


Marco Vidal, Mónica del Carmen, Erandeni Durán, Leonardo Zamudio, Martín Becerra, Germán Villarreal, Ulises Martínez, Alfredo Monsivais, Roam León, Yadira Pérez


artistic team

Adaptation: Antonio Zúñiga, Juan Carrillo

Production: Los Colochos Teatro

Lighting: Mario Eduardo D’León

Costume: Libertad Mardel

Máscaras: Martín Becerra

Runners: Lalo Laredo, Roam León

Distribution: Carlota Guivernau


In Mendoza, Shakespeare's Scottish tragicomedy(Macbeth) is transferred to the Mexican Revolution to tell the story of a brave warrior who is visited by a witch or healer who announces that he will become governor and owner of the province. He believes it and begins to commit atrocious acts to obtain what he was told he would until he realises he is in the middle of a lake of blood.

Los Colochos company was founded in 2010 in Mexico and in less than a decade it has become a leader on the Iberoamerican scene thanks to a philosophy that is committed to making theatre accessible at all levels of society. In fact, this piece was rehearsed in the houses of people who had no direct connection with the theatre to analyse their reactions. The sets, prepared with a low budget, are based on the expressive strength of the cast, their critical discourse and national identity.

With this play the company was awarded in the OFF Contest at the Almagro Festival. Since then, this creation of director Juan Carillo has been performed at major festivals like Girona's Temporada Alta, Bogotá's Ibero-American Theatre Festival and Costa Rica's FIA and has fulfilled more than 300 representations.



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