By Calderón de la Barca
Jóvenes Clásicos Company

Classics at Corral de Comedias


Directed by Pedro Hofhuis



Corral de Comedias

7 y 8 de julio

20:00 h.


José Carlos Cuevas, David Mena, Pilar Aguilarte, Mai Martín, Rubén del Castillo


artistic team

Free version and adaptation: Pablo Bujalance, Pedro Hofhuis

Original idea: José Carlos Cuevas

Scenography: Pedro Hofhuis

Costume design: Carmen Baquero

Music: José Manuel Padilla

Verse advisor: José Carlos Cuevas

Assistant Director: Miguel Navarro, Lorena Roncero

Production: Jóvenes Clásicos

Distribution: XperTeatro


Inspectors, Delgado and Ferrer are investigating the appearance of a body in Lisbon’ harbour. The interviews and memories of the characters will point to Don Lope de Almeida, a Portuguese nobleman whose wife died in a terrible fire some days before the apparition of the body.

While the couple of policemen interview to witnesses and suspects of the double-assasination at the police station, a Fado Player, as a Corypheus and representing a Fado and as if it were a Fado, narrates with his songs the facts and consequences of this tragic story.

Honour Dramas by Caleron have a latemotiv based in the recovery or defense of itself. A lady flirting harmlessly with another gallant would become in a threat of adultery and dishonor. Thus arises the generic term wife-murder plays.

Despite four centuries have passed and with a different meaning of honour, society has hardly evolved in this aspect. Unfortunately, we have gone from what Calderon portrayed as “the honor restoration” to gender violence, the social scourge in the 21th C.

To secret grievance, secret revenge, on its contemporary version and adaptation, constitutes an argument against this brutality.

This play has been awarded with the Almagro Festival Off 2017, as the “challenge of staging a widely spread Calderon’s text, and the fact of writing a new free version modernizing its language and values but maintaining the original poetry.


Festival de Artes Escénicas de la Comunidad de Madrid en Alcalá de Henares
Clásicos en Alcalá 2018