By Luis Alonso Prieto, based on Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote
Teatro Independiente Alcalaíno Co.

Classics everywhere


Directed by: Luis Alonso

Patio de Santo Tomás de Villanueva (Univesidad Cisneriana)

1 de julio

22:00 h. 


Luis San José, Carlos Ávila, Juan Antonio Borrell, Jesús del Valle, Francisco Javier Blasco, Marisa Jiménez, Mónika Salazar, Ana Isabel Alcolado, Aurora Martínez, Sonia Álvarez , Carmela Tena


artistic team

Coreography: Carmela Tena

Illumination, sound and music: Juan Antonio Borrell

Costume designer: Marisa Jiménez

Set and atrezzo: Taller T.I.A

Lighting and Sound Assistant: Ana Isabel Alcolado

Graphic Design: Luis Alonso

Website: Antonio Sánchez


The mountains and their valleys are full of goatherds that dream of a shepherdess day and night. Her name is Marcela and she is irresistibly beautiful but fierce and elusive with any declaration of love. Grisóstomo, a rich nobleman who has disguised as a goatherd along with his friend Ambrosio, writes odes dedicated to her to try and have her, but Marcela, insensitive to her aunt’s hope to find a husband, wants to continue enjoying the freedom being single in nature, a thing she vindicates in an extraordinary final manifesto. This constitutes the best example of Cervantes’ thought and compromise with the freedom of women in an era in which no one even thought about “feminism”.

 This play is preceded by the “entremés” The married woman, also by Luis Alonso, which represents another vision of the women’s situation in Cervantes’ time.

Teatro Independiente Alcalaíno (TIA) was founded in August 1979 with the objective of creating a stable amateur theatre group established in the city of Alcalá de Henares. So far, they have produced fifty-three theatre productions. The company also organizes formative and informative activities such as the New Authors Collection series, volumes dedicated to the spreading of new or unknown playwrights.


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