NOH THEATRE PERFORMANCE: Izutsu, Shakkyo and other Works

NOH THEATRE PERFORMANCE: Izutsu, Shakkyo and other Works

By Zeami, Yukihiro Isso and other authors
Noh Reimagined

Classics at Teatro Salón Cervantes


Teatro Salón Cervantes

4 de julio

21:00 h. 


Nohkan flute: Yukihiro Isso

Shite, leading actor, Kanze school: Masaki Umano

Shite, leading actor, Kanze school: Jiichi Asami

Kotsuzumi, hand drum: Kyosuke Tanabe

Otsuzumi, side drum: Mitsuhiro Kakihara

Taiko, drum: Kiyoshi Yoshitani


Free entrance

artistic team

Production: Akiko Yanagisawa

Photography: Takashi Imai


The Noh theatre is a form of total art that includes drama, music and dance. Originated in Japan in the XIV Century, it is one of the oldest performative traditions that has been left intact in the world and is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The aesthetic concepts of Noh and its unique rhythms and musical tempos have influenced many Western artists since the 20th Century. 

Six world class Noh performers present highlighted parts of Izutsu (The Well Cradle), the masterpiece of Mugen Noh written by actor and playwright Zeami (1363 – 1443). 

In Izutsu which is based in the collection of stories of the 10th C. Ise Monogatari, Lady Izutsu (who is waiting for her husband while he cheats on her) appears as a ghost dressed with her husband’s clothes and looks into a well to try to find the reflectionof her husband. In the Mugen Noh, ghosts tell stories of past lifes and express regrets and lamentations trying to find peace. 

The audience will also see the “shishi” (lion dance) of the famous classic work Noh Shakkio (stone bridge), in which the lion (the messenger of Manjushri Bodhisattva) appears in a stone bridge and dances with the spectacular and fragrant peonies.

The performance includes some of the best instrumental and dance works of the classic Noh repertoire, and the live performance of some original compositions of famous nohkan flautist Yukihiro Isso.


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