Prosper Mérimée
De Sangre y Raza


Directed by: Carlos Fajardo

Teatro Salón Cervantes

20 y 21 de Junio



-           Almudena Roca/Noelia Romero
Juan Manuel Prieto
Alejandro Cerdá
Nazaret Oliva
Alejandro Muñoz
Marta Salcedo
Daniel Cabezuelo
David Naranjo
Esther Lora

Corps de ballet: Daniel Cabezuelo, Alejandro Cerdá, Elena Ciruelos, Joan
Fenollar, Javier Formoso, Laura Fúnez, Alejandro Muñoz, David Naranjo, Lucía
Nicolás, Nazaret Oliva, Marta Salcedo and Elisa Suárez
(Covers): Raquel Martínez, Paula García and Alejandro Muñoz


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Artistic team

Choreography: Juan Manuel Prieto
Guest choreographer: Juan Carlos Avecilla
Music: Georges Bizet, José Nieto, Juan Amaya, José Galván, Ramón Perelló and
Original music: Daniel Yagüe
Cantaores (flamenco singers) voice-over: Esther Lora and Pablo Oliva
Voice-over: Luz Nicolás and Roberto Pereira
Repeater: Javier Formoso
Lighting design and set design: Carlos Fajardo
Patterns and costume making: Carmen Granell


-           “Carmen de Mérimée” is a piece of work that, through the richness of Spanish dance and the strength of flamenco, together with a great dramatic work, shows the popular Carmen "a cigarrera" (the cigar maker), her life, the world that surrounds her and her passionate lover Don José, being as faithful as possible to the "little tale" that the Frenchman Prosper Mérimée wrote about a story told to him by his good friend Mrs. Eugenia de Montijo.

A cast of 14 dancers, a live “cantaora” (flamenco singer), a staging that displays all the scenarios of the story, an original music by the Spanish Daniel Yagüe, a period costume, the great musical themes that Bizet composed for the play and exact paragraphs extracted from Mérimée’s book. All together narrates the story in 13 scenes, as happens in the "little tale" of Don José's life, which is truncated when he meets the famous Carmencita: someone who flees from her own myth of "fatal woman", a gypsy woman, rebellious, daring, brave, shameless, provocative and with a longing for freedom without limits, who lives constantly at the edge of the knife and who will not renounce to be always free.

Watch a video/fragment of the play


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