Ricardo Iniesta, based on the William Shakespeare’s text


Directed by: Ricardo Iniesta

Teatro Salón Cervantes

6 y 7 de Julio



Carmen Gallardo
Silvia Garzón
Lidia Mauduit
Elena Aliaga
María Sanz
Raúl Vera
Joaquín Galán
José Ángel Moreno
Javier Domínguez


Artistic team

Direction and dramaturgy: Ricardo Iniesta
Scenic space design: Ricardo Iniesta
Musical composition: Luis Navarro
Choral direction: Marga Reyes / Lidia Mauduit
Costumes: Carmen de Giles y Flores de Giles
Makeup, hairdressing and styling: Manolo Cortés
Texturing and finishing of set design: Ana Arteaga
Props and scenery construction: Sergio Bellido
Choreography: Juana Casado
Light design: Alejandro Conesa
Sound space design: Emilio Morales
Assistant director: Sario Téllez
Directing auxiliary: Rocío Costa
Management: Rocío de los Reyes
Distribution: Victoria Villalta
Production: María Paz López
Communication: Blanca Sanz
Secretary: Macarena Gutiérrez


 “King Lear” is based on a folktale that appears incorporated into the ancient history of England since the 12th century. The chronicles tell that the old Lear wanted to know the degree of affection of his three daughters to designate as his successor who loved him most. Two of them melted in flattery and the youngest daughter answered that she wanted him as a father and nothing else. It seemed little to the king, who punished her. The time and the vicissitudes would come to show him later that she was the only one worthy of the throne that, after a war with her sisters, she finally got. Shakespeare expands and transforms the plot, filling it with his personal vision. Parallel to Lear's story, he reflected that of Gloucester and his children. The result entails an extreme experience of pain, madness and destruction expressed crudely and openly.


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